How to Make your own Corsage for Prom


Prom is coming so soon, just 2 weeks away! Many of you may have dates, and if you don’t it’s okay! It’s always better to go with friends. If you do have a date, then this article is very useful for you! Today I will be showing you how to make your own corsage for prom! Lets get started!


I will be showing you how to make this rose and hypernicum berry wrist corsage. If you would like to use different types of flowers, go ahead, you can follow the steps as well. You will need the following items to make this corsage:

  1. 2 blush tea roses (‘Senorita’)
  2. 3 blush spray roses
  3. 3 hypernicum berries
  4. Ribbon
  5. Velcro corsage wristlet band
  6. Floral Tape
  7. Floral wire


Step 1: chose two ‘Senorita’ roses that are creamy white with just a hint of blush, and cut their stems to one inch. Remove any exterior petals that might be blemished. Feel free to also remove multiple petals to get the rose buds down to the size you desire.Capture

Step 2: Wrap the two cut ends of the roses together with floral tape.


Step 3: Clip 2 hypernicum berry sprigs and lay them behind each rose bud and wrap again with floral tape.


Step 4: Clip a larger, open, blush spray rose bud, leaving 1/4 inch stem. Put a large dot of hot glue on the stem and place in the middle of the two creamy roses. Allow glue to cool a minute or two.


Step 5: Clip 2 smaller spray rose buds and hot glue them in a diagonal pattern on either side of the center rose.


Step 6: Create 2 bows. Take a coordinating piece of ribbon and fold it on itself, accordion style and secure in the middle with floral wire.


Step 7: Hot glue the bows on opposite sides of the spray roses.


Step 8: Cut 2 long pieces of floral wire and thread each wire over the stems of the large tea roses. Twist each wire together.


Step 9: Now is the time to attach the corsage to the wristlet. Put a generous amount of glue onto the metal wristlet clip. Press the corsage onto the clip and allow it to cool completely. Next, wrap the wires around each end of the metal clip and use scissors or wire cutters to clip the ends and tuck under the flowers.


IMPORTANT TIP: Give your corsage the shake test! Hang onto the wristlet strap and gently shake. If everything feels secure then you are good to go! If not, then add more wire or hot glue where needed.

This corsage is perfect if you have a light pink dress or anything close to this color. If you want to use this you can! You can also use different flowers instead of the roses. I hope this is useful for you!


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